what did kakashi do as hokage

He orders Asuma and Kurenai to shut their eyes while he is attacked with Tsukuyomi, subjecting him to three days of torture in a matter of seconds. Since this left Konohagakure without a Kage, a new one had to be chosen. When they get back to Konoha, Kakashi meets with the Konoha Council and tells them all that has happened, including Danz's death at Sasuke's hand. From fighting them, however, none use the any of the Six Paths Techniques, leading Kakashi to believe Tobi doesn't have the energy for it. Kakashi leads one of Konoha's attack forces against Mry's army of stone warriors, a stall tactic while Naruto and his team help Shion reseal Mry. Kakashi is unable to walk due to overusing his Mangeky Sharingan, forcing Might Guy to carry him; Guy's choice of carrying Kakashi by piggyback deeply disturbs their students. Kakashi's taijutsu can take various approaches in close combat. Kakashi Hatake [The Copy Ninja] (Japanese: , Hepburn: Hatake Kakashi) is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.In the story, Kakashi is the teacher of Team 7, consisting of the series' primary characters, Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, and Sakura Haruno.He is initially portrayed as a detached and apathetic figure, but as the . They are later attacked by Ishidate, who petrifies one of Kakashi's arms, thus allowing him to capture Michiru. Kakashi has been hokage after the war and given the timeskip, has a reign of around ~15 years. Kakashis skills as a Shinobi were of great use to Konoha. Sharingan requires a lot of chakras which are naturally available to members of Uchiha clans because they possess this Kekkei Genkai genetically. After Kakashi loses his Sharingan, his body is temporarily inhabited by Obito's spirit, allowing him to use both of Obito's Mangeky. He didn't do a damn thing, and it held no meaning either. [39] Overall, he is considered very handsome as seen from Teuchi and Ayame's reaction to seeing his face.[40]. In the anime, as Konoha starts preparing for the looming war, Kiba Inuzuka asks Kakashi to train him. During the mission, Kakashi discovers that Yukie's real name is Koyuki Kazahana, who he saved from Dot's Three-Man-Team when he was in the Anbu. Her home was destroyed during a raid and she was able to get out just barely with her life. In order to protect the Shinobi Union's interests, Gengo must be assassinated, a task Shikamaru Nara volunteers for. No way! Shortly after the funeral, Kakashi notices cloaked individuals travelling around Konoha. [56] He is strong enough to wield Kubikiribch with one hand for extended periods of time unfazed,[57] has reflexes sharp enough to block attacks he is unable to see,[58] and has immense speed that allows him to perform hand seals at unreadable rates. After Sasuke passes out from the procedure, Orochimaru confronts Kakashi, explaining his plans to acquire Sasuke's Sharingan for himself. Main article: Six-Tails Unleashed Kakashi did not want to be Hokage at first. Kakashi deduced that while this creature was a summoning, it uniquely existed normally in a separate dimension, leaving others unable to follow it. In order to give Sasuke an alternative to the cursed seal's power, Kakashi spends a month teaching him the Chidori. He has a high IQ and is mature for his age. Kakashi starts questioning Sasuke about his apparent intentions to kill Naruto, but Sasuke leaves rather than be lectured. Ichigo Uzumaki is the Tenth Hokage of the villiage hidden in the leaves , and one of the Five Kage of the ninja world. Similar Post:Naruto Infinite Tsukuyomi Explained, Fans usually wonder Did Kakashi Become Hokage in Naruto?. He knows if someone like Sasuke had taken over as Hokage, the village would have been destroyed, or at least the villagers would be unsatisfied. Orochimaru ultimately killed most of the Iburi clan before escaping yet again, but Kakashi, recognising that Kinoe's relationship with Yukimi is much like his relationship with Rin was, helped keep her safe. It was explained that while Shino Aburame, Anko Mitarashi, and Konohamaru Sarutobi would be evaluating the students' respective performances in a 24 hour field combat, ultimately only one student could pass; that student would be the one who takes the single bell from Kakashi's hip. [29] Kakashi followed him once he regained his composure, but was captured by the Iburi clan, who were loyal to Orochimaru. In the anime, Kakashi attacked Orochimaru when the Third Hokage failed to apprehend him, but he was paralysed by Orochimaru's killing intent and Orochimaru escaped. On the day of Naruto's Hokage inauguration, he fails to show up (having been knocked out earlier). He also noted that regardless, one must always decide on goals if they wish to grow as individuals Later, talking to Iruka in his office, Iruka suggested that Kakashi not be too hard on the students come the final exams. He stepped down because of Sasuke who had just returned from his journey to find power. Since its print premiere in 1999 and the launch of the anime in 2002, the series drew in . [50] He is shown using Fire Release to launch a massive fireball.[66]. He memorized every page of Jiraiyas tome on throwing techniques, for example. He arrives late, having visited the Memorial Stone beforehand to reflect on those he's lost. He never would have stepped down for his interests. Shojoji was a dangerous man, once the leader of the Mujina . They rush there, hoping to reach Sasuke before Tobi does, but they are too late and cannot rediscover his trail. Scamming me?! Boruto designed a group assault on Kakashi, but he quickly saw through the faade, easily repelling the entire class' group assault on him. Kakashi and Guy eventually leave the Third Division to join the original Naruto and Killer B in their fight with Tobi, arriving in time to stop Tobi from capturing Naruto. She was thought to be stupid,annoying,loud,ramen addict,tomboy,dumb . [5] He can use Water Release without a nearby water source,[64] and is able to produce massive offensive, and defensive structures. Minato assisted them with destroying the Kannabi Bridge and then returned with them to Konoha to mourn Obito's death. According to the Naruto fandom, Rin did ask Kakashi to kill her in order to save Konoha, her village. Before leaving, he stops by the hospital where Sasuke has been staying after his own encounter with Itachi and finds Sasuke in the middle of combat with Naruto. Prepared to give his life to lend what little assistance he can, Kakashi stands in front of Sasuke to take the attack while Obito does the same for Naruto. She was last seen in the epilogue, attending the wedding of Naruto and Hinata with other recent Kage who have also retired. Who's the youngest Hokage? Despite his increasingly growing reputation and prowess as a ninja, Kakashi has shown no signs of arrogance, and is rather modest about his abilities. [65] Years after the Fourth Shinobi World War, Kakashi learned to convert his Earth Release techniques into quartz. Part of Kakashi's usual approach to combat is to rely on the Body Replacement Technique and clone techniques, thereby keeping himself out of harm's way while he observes an opponent and their abilities. Kakashi added Kinoe, now with the new codename "Tenz", to Team Ro.[32]. Kaguya, the origin of chakra, now has access to the chakra supplies of everyone trapped in the Infinite Tsukuyomi. With both Jiraiya and Hiruzen dead, Danzo and Tsunade were left leading Konoha. Kahy is upset by Kakashi's observation and attacks with Ice Release: Earthen Consecutive Chains of Ice, creating a hole in the ship that starts sucking out Kakashi, Guy, and the passengers. death, sasukeuchiha, naruto. When they arrive in the Land of Waves they are met by Zabuza Momochi, a former Kiri-nin. One reason is that Kakashi knows more about being a Hokage than Naruto does, so he might have been better prepared to assume the duties of Hokage. As Boruto continued to struggle free from the Sixth's hold, his fellow classmates provided enough distraction for him to escape. Luckily for him, Tsunade awoke from her coma just before the process was officially completed and thus Kakashi escaped his duties. Boruto Strongest Character Ever Revealed [Shibai Otsutsuki], Japans FIFA Team Features Blue Lock Kit [Fans Surprised]. When they find the Raikage in the Land of Iron, Kakashi, the only one amongst them that the Raikage recognises, asks that Naruto be allowed to speak with him. The villages inhabitants realized that although he had not been a caretaker for long, the people of Konoha already loved him, all of which is why they decided to make him Hokage. At Mirai's request, it wasagreed that the little girl could join them on their own trip. He overuses his Sharingan during the mission, forcing him to to stay in the hospital for a few days and giving his team a chance to have a vacation. Sakura heals their injuries and they proceed to end the Infinite Tsukuyomi and, in turn, the Fourth Shinobi World War. Taiseki turned invisible and tried launching a sneak attack on Obito. So when it was time to nominate someone for Hokage, Kakashi was nominated, being the only person who could play this role the best. Kakashi became the 6th Hokage after Tsunade steps down from her position. In truth, Kakashi is rather a solitary and matter-of-fact person. He arrived in time to save Obito from Taiseki with his White Light Chakra Sabre, which he inherited from his father. Main article: Five Kage Summit They convince him to give them another chance after lunch, but Kakashi demands that Naruto not be fed. He stepped down because of Sasuke who had just returned from his journey to find power. In case this is true, he shows Team 7 the Tree Climbing Practice in order to improve their chakra control, which will be useful if Zabuza does indeed return. Kakashi provides his ninken to Kiba in his place, believing they would be more useful to him. But Tsunade knew better than anyone how much potential Kakashi had to become a great leader someday. He was always on top of everything whether it was ANBU, Jounin, or even the Police Force of the village. Kinoe got Kakashi out safely and, having accepted Kakashi's words, gave Kakashi an antidote and chose to abandon his mission whilst leaving Kakashi a message about it. Why, then, would Kakashi allow his sensei's only child to grow up like he did, with such neglect and hate? EX 2, Naruto Shippden: Gekit Ninja Taisen! Kakashi Hatake is a fictional character appearing in the Naruto franchise, created by Masashi Kishimoto. As the rumours start spreading, Kakashi attempts to contact Sasuke to ask if he knows anything, but his inquiries are not answered. He becomes the Hokage after the 4th Ninja war when Tsunade Senju steps down from her position, and Kakashi is seen sitting in her place. Despite many from the Uchiha clan being against Kakashi wielding a Sharingan as he had no blood-ties to them, Fugaku Uchiha, the Uchiha head, chose to honour Obito's dying actions and let Kakashi keep his gift. In order to prevent this from happening, Rin begged Kakashi to kill her, but he refused, unwilling to break his promise to Obito to protect her and hoping to find some other solution. In what episode does Kakashi become Hokage? Two years after the end of the war, that peace is threatened by the emergence of the Land of Silence. Dont misunderstand, he is not weak if we take into account his other qualities. In the anime, Boruto approached him for help to learn the Big Ball Rasengan to battle Deepa as all other parties were unavailable. Kakashi warns Sasuke that he will be disqualified if he uses the cursed seal during his match. She is also the first born and heir chieftain to her clan. Naruto reflects on Sasuke with Kakashi and Sakura. Guy takes Kakashi back to his home and puts him to bed, where he remains comatose until Tsunade, the new Hokage, comes to Konoha and heals the damage to his mind. That MIGHT make him the weakest Hokage by strength. . Guren and her team interrupt them and the Three-Tails gets away, but Guren's team is defeated. He's like the good Mao Zedong of technology. After the Fourth Shinobi World War, Kakashi becomes Konoha's Sixth Hokage (, Rokudaime Hokage, literally meaning: Sixth Fire Shadow). It ends up not being necessary as Naruto, by entering his own Tailed Beast Mode, deflects their attacks and subsequently frees them from Tobi. [25] Knowing that Wood Release was unique to the First Hokage, Kakashi broke in to the Hokage Residence to see what he could learn about this anomaly. Its bawdy humor echoes the perverted humor of its author and it is the . Despite mounting casualties, Kakashi sticks to his original plan: he sneaks up on Zabuza and attacks with the Lightning Cutter, intending to dispel the heavy mist. While seeking out an Akatsuki force, they notice and heads towards one of the Surprise Attack Division's distress flares. Naruto rationalised this on the grounds that Orochimaru's conduct has changed from before and for his aid in investigating the tsutsuki. He first uses it to save Sakura from Kaguya and then uses Kamui Shuriken to save Naruto and Sasuke. After they arrive back in Konoha, Hiruko projects himself to the world and claims responsibility for the kidnappings, whose kekkei genkai he has assimilated into his body with the Chimera Technique. They place her in the ninja academy to see if she has any valuable skills to provide for the . As they near Sasuke's location they are intercepted by Akatsuki member Tobi. Guy soon appears to fight the leader of the hijackers, Rahy, keeping him busy so that Kakashi can free himself from his restraints without being noticed.

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